Effective 1st August 2014

Olympus Biotech International (OBI) has wound down its global operations following a strategic decision by Olympus Corporation to withdraw from the biologics business globally.

Orders can no longer be accepted for manufactured and distributed products previously supplied by OBI. Osigraft, Opgenra, Osferion and Multiprep are no longer available.

For Osigraft/Opgenra related queries
For any medical information requests on OBI products please send an email to: medicalinfo@olympusbiotech.com

Report of Adverse events / Adverse Reactions
Mail to: vigilance@olympusbiotech.com

Customer Queries – for all OBI product queries including Osigraft, Opgenra, Osferion and Multiprep
Mail to: obicustomercare@olympsbiotech.com

Contact Details for other Products previously distributed by Olympus Biotech International:


  • Includes Harvest BMAC, SmartPrep
  • For further information or to order please contact Harvest Technologies directly on
    Harvest Technologies GmbH, Zehntfeldstr. 240A, 81825 Munich, Germany

Tel: + 49 89 437778-0

Fax: +49 89 437778-10

Email order@harvesttech.eu



  • Includes BonAlive putty and granules
  • For further information or to order please contact BonAlive directly on
    BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd, Biolinja 12, 20750 Turku, Finland

Tel : +358 401774400
Email : orders@bonalive.com
Web: www.bonalive.com


  • Includes COVA and MATRI BONE
  • For further information or to order please contact Biom’UP directly on
    Ms. Ulrike CHAPRIER
    Biom'Up 8, allée Irène Joliot Curie 69 800 Saint Priest, France  www.biomup.com

Tél : + 33 (0) 4 86 57 36 10

Fax : + 33 (0) 4 37 69 00 84

Email : u.chaprier@biomup.com


Business park Trilandis
Earl Bakkenstraat 10
6422 PJ Heerlen
The Netherlands

T: +31 (0)45 566 8759